माझा परिचय!

Hello, My name is Onkar

To be honest with myself I am not a very brilliant guy, but I have certain characteristics that are rare. I am interested in virtually each and every aspect of the universe. I can watch any channel on the television; it may be news, sports, science, art, politics, education, entertainment, movie, music… anything. That’s what makes me different. I can be equally boring at times because of my choices.   I have all the dual qualities that make me take interest in nature and beauty as well as stock market at the same time.  I am a very social person. I love people, I love friendship, I love to be in the people.  My first priority would always be the family. I would love to fall in love, but I don’t think that is possible just because it’s very difficult to get a girl who is that much enthusiastic about life. Due to all these characteristics, I have been in the extra curricular more than education since childhood. I was an average student in school and college. Everybody knew that I am gifted with some extra brain, but I could not convert that in marks though. So I was above all in all sorts of fun rather than studying.

2 thoughts on “माझा परिचय!

  1. मी यवतमाळ जिल्ह्यातील गिमोना या खेडेगावात रहात असुन मला नवनवीन मित्र बनविने सर्व प्रणिमात्रावर प्रेम करणे

  2. सगळीच स्वप्न पुर्ण होत नसतात
    ती फक्त पहायची असतात
    कधी कधी त्यात रंग भरायचे असतात
    पण स्वप्न पुर्ण झालं नाही
    तर रडायचं नसतं रंग उडाले
    … म्हणुन चित्र फाडायचं नसतं
    फक्त लक्षात ठेवायच असतं
    सर्वच काही आपल नसतं
    आपल्या दुःखात (कदाचित)
    दुसऱ्याच सुख असतं.

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